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YES TECH Magic Stage shines at the19th Asian Games in Hangzhou

On 23rd September, the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games with the theme “Tides Surging in Asia” was held in Hangzhou, where 45 countries and regions gathered together to enjoy the audio visual feast of Chinese aesthetics.

YES TECH delivered 2000sqm of LED displays and innovative solutions, setting the central stage on fire. MG7S

series, the world’s first indoor‐outdoor versatile and floor tile screen application. This product can be suitable for various scenarios, such as floor tiles, sky curtains and stadium screen. Its unique versatility has been tested and proven in numerous international projects over the years, including Qatar World Cup, G20 Summit, Beijing Winter Olympics, Dubai Expo, etc..

The opening ceremony took place at the “Lotus” venue of Hangzhou Olympic Sports center, the whole event was divided into 3 parts. YES TECH’s flagship MG series, with over 30 technical patents and characteristics of “Multi‐functions & Multi‐shapes”, seamlessly integrated with the artistic elements. After technical innovations, the LED’s thrust increased by 100% and the load bearing capacity of 4.6T, ensuring a stable and reliable visual effect for all performers. Its high contrast and wide viewing angle can deliver a better visual experience. The summer climate is hot, humid and rainy, and the stage is in an open‐air location. So our products must meet the requirements of heat resistance, waterproof and moisture‐proof for floor tile application.

The cabinet utilizes the unique patented polymer nano‐material, which has the toughness of polymer materials and firmness of metals; With IP65's high protective performance. The product can operate smoothly in both hot and cold environments for a long time.

What’s more, it is also thin and light, the weight is only half of the metal material. Ensuring the high‐quality service of LED display for the Asian Games and showcasing outstanding international event.

In terms of the preparations, YES TECH technicians with extensive experience have been stationed at the project site since June this year, after 107 days of dedicated effort, we have successfully delivered the 2000sqm stage for the event. YES TECH pursues the sustainable development advocated by the Asian Games to form a green and efficient manufacturing system, contributing to a high‐quality and high standard visual experience for the green Asian Games. May the 19th Asian Games be a great success.


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