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AVL TIMES is internationally recognised as an effective leader in Digital Publishing Platforms for Mobile & Web as more and more consumers use their tablet and mobile devices to consume content.

The growing popularity of mobile devices has allowed digital magazines and social media to be an influencer in the global market for Professional Audio technologies. Every issue of AVL TIMES digital magazine will be available for free from our websites ( and, social media pages and from anywhere in the world. We firmly believe we have to "give to get", but in giving away, we are creating excitement - for your customers, and for your brand.


The AVL Network brings together every business resource we have in the world at our disposal — readers, fans, magazines, a legacy brand, and more. We understand that building a legacy takes time, and that is why the solid foundation of our AVL Network took five years to build and ensure that our media platform is on steady ground.

Our media platform is where you can amp up the long-term value of your brands and your company. The AVL Network strive to create a significant media platform through new growth opportunities and customer engagement to move people with our innovative media products. This keeps the platform very consistent, and clearly, because of our strengths in brand outreach and information sharing, and thus let our audience know your business and your products and services consistently. And lastly, the AVL Network is fortunate to have a great pool of talent, to broaden what we can give to our audience - who are also your consumers, by targeting content and product information to increase your dominance, advancing your product brand, and take your business brand to the next level.

Get the inside story with AVL TIMES Magazine - 
"Bringing your brand to your customer."

Our global outreach is made up of our series of AVL TIMES Digital Magazines, the PRO AUDIO Digital Magazine, and multiple social media platforms.

Contact us today and build a personalized advertising package for your needs!

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Contact us today and build a personalized advertising package for your needs!
Advertising Sales contact : Clarence Anthony 
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Advertising Sales contact : Aleš Gřivač 
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Advertising for GREATER CHINA 
Company : Worldwide Focus Media Co., Ltd.
Advertising Sales contact : Judy Wang 
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Tel : 00852-30780826 | 0086 13810325171

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