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Yajiang Photoelectric injected brilliant light into the Hangzhou Asian Games

From September 23 to October 8, the 19th Asian Games were held in Hangzhou, China. As the lighting product supplier of the event, Yajiang assumed the lighting work of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center complex and the main stadium of the Asian Games. With the original constant power technology, segment control technology and CCS intelligent color management system, Yajiang quickly completed the lighting of the facade of the Asian Games Olympic Sports Center complex. Ensure the color consistency of multi‐venue and multi‐batch lamps achieve a variety of application modes in different venues and excellent lighting effects.

Take the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center as an example, the main stadium of the Asian Games. Yajiang used four lamps from ARCTIK, including PIXI MID, PIXI MAX, Quake 27Q, TARPON 42Q for the facade lighting work. Through the CCS intelligent color management system, the color coordinates are precisely configured, eliminating the on‐site color mixing process, and the constant power algorithm ensures the constancy of the

luminaire in terms of color output and power consump􀆟on, reducing the distribution load.

At the same time, the single lamp bead segment control of the lamp also increases the diversity and delicacy of the lighting effect, so that the Olympic sports center radiates a unique color and vitality.

In addition to assume the facade lighting of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center complex, Yajiang also provided professional performance lighting support for the Asian Games. This is the first time for E‐sports competition in Hangzhou Asian Games.

Yajiang is the only professional lighting supplier for fixed installation of the performance venue. Hundreds of professional performance lamps including PLUTO 250, PLUTO BEAM, PLUTO 1400 PROFILE and PLUTO 1400 PROFILE WASH which under the SILVER STAR brand create an immersive viewing experience and further create a unique atmosphere of e‐sports. As an important partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Yajiang with excellent technology and meticulous service, has added brilliant glory to the games and demonstrated China's wisdom and strength to the world.


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