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Thomas “Church” Christmann powers KoRn tour with ChamSys MagicQ MQ500

The metal bar structure that runs across the front of the stage on KoRn’s current tour suggests images of incarceration, and the loss of freedom it brings. This serves as a perfect foil for iconic metal band from the instant they kick off their show and blow that suggestion out of the water with a ferocious rendition of “Rotti ng In Vain.”

Reflecting the spirit of KoRn and their music is a potent, rapid‐fire 20‐universe light and video show run by Thomas “Church” Christmann on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ500, that features blinding back lighting, a blow‐through video wall, bold color palettes, and big, often theatrical, looks.

“I’ve been told I have a very aggressive, but still theatrical, way to do my shows,” said Christmann, who has been working for KoRn since 2016. “This is a perfect way to work with KoRn. My goal is to support the show without distracting from the artists. I’m trying to set scenes for the songs parts & interact with the music.”

A ChamSys user for over 10 years, Christmann notes that the user‐friendly intuitive layout and workflow of the MQ500 Stadium were critical to helping him create and run the big sweeping looks that characterize his KoRn show.

“I like to use big looks and scenes in my cues, then add hard attacks where needed,” he said. “The Group Effects and Group Cues features in my ChamSys are very useful in this regard, since we have quite a few looks where we have multiple fixtures acting together as a single effect. It’s also very simple for me to change Group Effects to fit different stage configurations when we move from one venue to another. I’m using a lot of group effects in all options.”

Christmann, who created his show with WYSIWYG says that he is able to make quick off line changes with his MagicQ MQ500. Also coming in handy, he says, are the intuitive high resolution 15‐inch display screens. Beyond these tangible features, there is also the matter of the support he receives from the ChamSys team. “I trust ChamSys and their products,” he said. “The support is invaluable. I can always get help quickly if needed.”

Photos © Steve Trasher


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