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Starway PARKOLOR 60HD + 60DW

The Parkolor 60HD is equipped with a 60W COB RGBW LED that delivers a luminous flux of 1110 lumens.

Its cast aluminium design ensures maximum heat exchange for continuous operation without loss of flux (derating) and without noise, and has a motorised zoom with an adjustment range of 7° to 53°.

It is equipped with the BC Color System colour management system. In addition to the possibility of using 10 white macros from 10,000°K to 2,700°K, with the RGBW channels remaining active while the macros are being used, they can be modified instantly to adapt to existing equipment, or to work in colour from a given white, as if the machine were being used with a gelatine.

To complete this range, Starway also offers the Parkolor 60DW (Dynamic White) equipped with a 150W warm white + cool white COB LED, allowing temperature variation from 2,700°K to 6,500°K.

The Parkolor 60DW has an exceptional CRI of 98 for a maximum flux of 2,300 lumens. Its regulated mode guarantees a stable power output of 60W, whatever the temperature, across the entire white spectrum. It has a motorised zoom from 10° to 58.5°.

Its cast aluminium construction, designed for maximum heat exchange, has no ventilation.

Thanks to its IP65 protection rating, this projector can be used for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors.

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