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Smarty Hybrid™ is the main mover for Deorro shows at Hollywood Palladium

DJ Deorro played two shows at the Hollywood Palladium in early July and electrified the sold‐out crowds using a lighting rig that included Elation’s multi‐functional Smarty Hybrid™ CMY color mixing moving head as the main moving effect light. The atmosphere at the 4,000‐capacity venue both nights was raging, reflecting the EDM communities excitement to be back live, as well as the hype around the artist’s new album 'Orro,' which was released just days before.

“The Smarty's were an excellent choice because they can move as fast as a typical beam fixture, but also provide all the core attributes a spot fixture has to offer,” said Lorcan Clarke of the full‐ featured 11,000‐lumen moving heads. Clarke served as lighting director, programmer and operator on the shows, coordinating 12 Smarty's on the downstage floor plus another 12 on the downstage overhead truss with a rig of LED battens, strobes, beam lights and lasers. According to the Hollywood Palladium production team, it was the largest rig ever hung at the venue. Lighting design was by Jaycob Luque of MJL Visions.

Full‐service lighting company Volt Lites of Southern California supplied the lighting gear. “The team at Volt Lites were amazing,” Clarke continues. “We spent three days in previz at CenterStaging where they supplied the equipment and brought over a few different fixtures for us to test and adjust.” Clarke timecoded many tracks for the shows and especially liked the intro, where he introduced the Smarty's about 90 seconds in. “I had them swing out to the crowd on a big impact,” he explains, “then alternate between positions in sync with the changing chords in the tracks. This was actually an idea the artist had and it came out really well. We got a big crowd reaction on this cue! That's when you know you've done something right!”


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