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Silver Star light show in Qinhu Park

Qinhu Park of Changshu in China, it is famous for the gorgeous scenery, especially the light show, which attracts thousands of visitors. And this is the first time to hold such feast in the park.

Neptune L380 B from Silver Star plays an important role in this project. Silver Star is experienced on the stage lightings for more than 38years and keeps investing on lighting technical development, so the NEPTUNE L380 B is super high efficiency, which brightness is 83,500Lux at 50m. The sharp and solid beam effect is awesome and all of the clients are happy with that.

The 16 prism, 6 linear prism, 29 gobos and 19 color filters can create a special beam and air flower effects. Super light‐weight at 36.9 Kgs provides an extremely fast XY movement. IP65 is perfect for all the installations.

Neptune L380B provide a fantastic effect for the whole light show, also gives a lot of surprise and fun for the audiences.


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