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Robe iTetra2™

Spectacular IP65‐rated linear bar

Once again, proving that our spider family are not afraid of the rain, the iTETRA2™ is totally happy to splash around!

The spectacular iTETRA2™ linear bar has joined the Robe iSERIES! The IP65‐ rated iTETRA2™ retains all the qualities and features of its highly successful indoor brother, adding Robe’s groundbreaking, self‐managing, low‐ maintenance ingress protection technology, allowing outdoor use of this classic fixture by removing the threat of rain, dust, humidity, smoke or haze damage, even in the harshest conditions.

With identical DMX map, features and performance to TETRA2™, the outdoor iTETRA2™ can be used without having to learn a new fixture! The ingenious ingress protection system is specifically designed to allow standard maintenance and preparation procedures without any additional tools, so maintenance work can be conducted on‐site. The onboard patented RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature and pressure control. The active monitoring system automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture, providing constant monitoring to ensure peak performance.

Outdoor fixtures need to operate in extreme cold. iTETRA2™ contains an innovative POLAR+™ technology, a special standby mode with low power consumption, in which the fixture ́s sensors and communications channels remain active. When activated, POLAR+™ automatically maintains an internal temperature level, giving instant operability down to minus 50 degrees centigrade!

iTETRA™ runs an ingenious Self Pressure Test to check internal pressure. This self‐test, taking less than 3 minutes, provides an error message if gaskets or covers were not replaced correctly or locking screws tightened, ensuring maximum protection. Their lightweight aluminium alloy structure, provide a dust‐free environment for the optics.

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