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Robe iBeam 250™ - It's time to move outside, whatever the weather, it's always ready!

A member of the Robe iSeries, this IP65 rated luminaire gives you those compact WashBeam loved attributes of speed, colour and zoom range while capable of handling all the challenges of being outdoors.

Ideally suited for festivals, concerts, theatre, and outdoor events, or indeed any scenario dealing with inclement or unpredictable weather, the iBeam 250™ retains all the favourite features of its indoor relative, the LEDBeam 150™. The ingenious ingress protection has been specifically designed and developed to ensure the fixture is completely sealed, to fully comply with IP65 protection standards. Their aluminium housing gives a dust‐free environment for the optics, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning, routine maintenance, and UV damage to plastic parts. By including NFC (Near‐Field Communication) technology, you can access setup, diagnostic and performance features, even when the fixture is not powered, directly from your mobile device using the Robe

Com app.

iBeam 250™ uses the same 7 x 40‐Watt RGBW multichip LED source as the original, producing an increased output of 4.400 lumens. With the identical 15.5:1 zoom optical system, giving the same, tight 3.8° Beam to wide 60° Wash, you have all the flexibility you require. Keeping up with technological advances, we have incorporated Epass™ for maintaining network connectivity. For television users, Cpulse™ is included for flicker‐free management of HD and UHD camera systems. Designed to be used indoors or out, we make fixture swap with the original LEDBeam 150™ easy, as the DMX control channels, operating speeds, and feature set of both luminaires are identical. iBeam 250™ -

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