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Robe finds sanctuary at Rumbach Street Synagogue

Budapest’s Rumbach Street synagogue has recently been restored to its original Moorish revival style exquisiteness and glory. In addition to being used for prayers and other spiritual activities, the main chamber (sanctuary) and other related spaces have been reimagined and kitted out with the latest technologies.

AVL Trade was chosen to integrate a full lighting and AV system into the synagogue. AVL Trade’s Csaba Csanadi has worked on the project for over two years … the initial approach and invitation for the company to tender on the project came just as the pandemic was starting! He didn’t think twice when it came to the right moving lights for the job and specified a selection of Robe fixtures including 12 x T1 Profiles, 12 x Spiiders and 16 x LEDBeam 150s.

AVL’s lighting design took the octagonal architecture and structural form of the sanctuary as a starting point, and it was fundamental to maintain the integrity and visual harmony of the room with any installed technology.

The two main lighting positions are an 8‐faceted truss, flown above the Bimah in the central space and a straight truss in front of the stage area. T1 Profiles are rigged in both positions. “They are a fantastic all‐round fixture producing great skin tones and with excellent dimming, perfect for camera applications and also for theatrical style shows and musical performances,” stated Csaba. The Spiiders were picked for their washing capabilities, rich colours and because they can produce effects and a bit of craziness using the individual pixels or the flower effects. The LEDBeam 150s were a “complete no brainer,” stated Csaba. “They are small, light and unobtrusive enough to be displayed anywhere in the room as needed – on the stage floor or rigged on the truss to highlight the ceiling and other architectural features!”

All the lights are run over ArtNet with a portable ChamSys console as part of the package, which can be set up in various positions around the room. The system is good to go for any event.

Photos © Louise Stickland

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