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Prase Media Technologies appointed new distributor for Elation and Obsidian products in Italy

Elation Professional is pleased to announce that one of Italy’s leading B2B distributors of audiovisual solutions, Prase Media Technologies, has taken over exclusive distribution of Elation Professional and Obsidian Control Systems products in Italy effective 01 March 2023.

For 30 years, Prase has grown with the industry, collaborating with system integrators, AV consultants and live entertainment professionals to offer innovative solutions across a variety of markets. The company boasts a large catalog of leading AV brands and is recognized for the excellence of its team, design support and after‐sales service. Davide Buonasorte, Sales & Marketing Manager Resell, Pro, Broadcast at Prase, expressed excitement about Elation joining their team as a valuable addition to Prase’s strong portfolio of brands. “We are thrilled to have Elation onboard as the missing gem in our crown of leading AV brands. Elation products meet the high‐ quality standard that we maintain across our portfolio and enhances our commitment to providing best‐in‐class products and services. On stage and in media and entertainment projects, lighting technology had been noticeably absent from providing a complete

solution. With this partnership, we can offer a comprehensive AV, lighting, and lighting control solution to customers throughout Italy.” Prase’s skilled team is growing to meet the new opportunity with dedicated lighting specialists onboard and in training to ensure effective pre‐ and post‐sales support and every step in between. Elation customers in Italy will benefit from a host of other benefits and efficiencies as well such as Prase’s large network, timely logistics, and in‐house facilities and services.

Frederik Afif, International Sales Manager at Elation and representative for Italy, expressed his enthusiasm about Prase representing Elation and Obsidian in such a significant region. “We are extremely excited that a company of this caliber will be representing Elation and Obsidian in Italy. Prase's outstanding reputation for quality and service aligns perfectly with Elation's principles and with their extensive reach and market expertise, we are confident that demand for our lighting and control products will grow. This partnership is all about expanding possibilities for customers and meeting their requirements, and Elation is excited to collaborate with Prase to achieve these goals.”

MIR Tech—the Italian trade show held in Rimini in early April—is the ideal stage in which to inaugurate the new partnership. Prase will have on display Elation’s latest cutting‐edge luminaires along with Obsidian’s newest lighting control and data distribution products. The distribution agreement with Prase supplants any other Elation distribution agreement in Italy. Elation has worked under full transparency with its former distributor and thanks them for their dedication and promotion of the Elation brand in the region.


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