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Martin Exterior Linear Pro - Outdoor Architectural Fixture Series

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, today introduces the Martin Exterior Linear Pro series. This range of permanent, compact, LED‐based outdoor and indoor architectural fixtures harness the latest linear technologies, enabling dramatically low power consumption while delivering powerfully robust lumen output.

The new models are highly efficient and incredibly impactful, ideal for architects, system integrators, electrical contractors and other professionals, needing striking direct and indirect illumination of walls, ceilings, textured and decorative surfaces in stadiums and arenas, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, casinos, bridges, tunnels, or similar applications.

To meet a wide range of needs and requirements, the series is available in Cove, Graze and Direct View (DV) models in QUAD color and tunable white (CTC) light engines and in 1‐foot and 4‐foot lengths. The slim design and low weight also make them easier to integrate into architectural elements discreetly and with less structural requirements. And with a high focus on sustainability, all models are shipped in FSC certified packaging.

Ease Of Installation (All Models)

Flexible change‐of‐beam angles are included for late design changes and on‐site adjustments. A smart mounting plate design offers a variety of standard or custom bracket solutions.

Smart Infrastructure (All Models)

Fixtures are DMX‐controllable and easy to install due to their integrated universal power supply. They can also be daisy‐chained using a combined power and data connector, which enables long fixture runs for simpler infrastructures.

Efficient Operation (All Models)

With more than 50 lm/W(QUAD) and 60 lm/W(CTC), Exterior Linear Pro fixtures are highly efficient. Multiple

power modes (12W/10W/5W, including ASHRAE compliance) can be set via Remote Device Management (RDM) to reduce power consumption as needed.

Superior Temperature Control (CTC Models)

Cold, neutral, and warm LEDs are included for precise color temperature control from 2700K to 6500K at high efficacy with 12 LEDs/ft. They also feature a high color rendering index (CRI) covering the entire color temperature spectrum.

Granular Lighting Control (QUAD Models)

An integrated 6‐inch (15 cm) segment mode enables more granular lighting control for organic and subtle looks.

Sophisticated Color Control (QUAD Models)

QUAD color fixtures include logic RGB control of the RGBW engine, making it easier to mix colors when the white color is automatically calculated. Factory calibration of colors offers superior consistency and user‐ selectable default color temperature with the ability to set a favorite default color temperature. Fine segment control is also included for more organic and subtle color transitions.

Premixed Colors with Color Boost (QUAD Models)

QUAD color LEDs deliver an enhanced visual appearance with homogenous color mixing and high lumen output of mixed colors. A color boosting feature is also included for full powered illumination of a single color or mixed colors, making them up to three times brighter than comparable fixtures yet boasting lower total power consumption.

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