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MAGNUM chooses Elation Maximus™ for season two of Fan Controlled Football

Elation Proteus Maximus™ LED moving heads and Cuepix 16 IP™ LED matrix panels provided field of play, broadcast and entertainment lighting for Fan Controlled Football’s season two at Pullman Yards in Atlanta. Atlanta‐based entertainment technology company, MAGNUM handled the lighting and rigging, providing the sports, fanfare and broadcast lighting and all of the truss, motors and rigging for lighting and video. Lighting.

“Lighting needed to be flexible enough to fulfill several roles in the arena,” stated Todd Finch, Principal at MAGNUM. “The field needed to be lighted properly for the game itself and because FCF games are broadcast live via several streaming services, we required fixtures that would work well with high‐speed cameras. The lighting also needed the ability to transition into fanfare looks for in‐game celebrations such as a touchdown.” Finch suggested Elation’s IP65‐rated LED power luminaire, Proteus Maximus, for the job and used 128 units as the workhorse of the lighting design.

“We had used the Proteus Maximus in other applications and knew it had great light output,” Finch states. The Maximus are mounted on rows of 200‐ft truss on each side of the arena with 48 fixtures on each side plus 16 in each end zone. Additional to the rig are 8 Elation Cuepix 16 IP LED matrix panels in the offensive end zone that are used mostly during the scoring ballyhoo look.


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