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Design and management software

LD Systems from Adam Hall offers a vast range of robust, well thought‐out audio solutions for applications as diverse as touring and events, DJ and MI, plus of course integrated systems. The integrated systems portfolio includes dedicated loudspeaker solutions, power amplifiers, mixer amplifiers, preamps, wireless systems and microphones and much more.

QUESTRA is the new software brain that makes planning, designing, configuring and managing your project easy.

QUESTRA enables access to the full DSP capabilities of all LD Systems’ audio installation devices, allowing you to configure audio networks of any size and manage and control every device from a single application. The software also includes a powerful editor to create custom user panels for remote control that can be operated from Windows computers or any Android or iOS portable device.

Administrators can create users, assign specific roles and limit access to certain functions, thus ensuring that critical network settings cannot be modified.

Device presets to match different user applications can be easily created and managed in QUESTRA, and triggered via the individual user panels. Also, with remote access to the audio network, monitoring and support can be provided from anywhere, at anytime.

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