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KV2 ESR 106

Active Driven 3 Way System

The ESR Series was developed for a particular niche in the market requiring an all‐in‐one box to provide clear, detailed reproduction over a wide area.

Typical applications include theatres, houses of worship, cultural/performance centres and concert halls where they are likely to be used vertically. When mounted horizontally, ESR Series loudspeakers provide excellent coverage over a tiered seating area for stadium or grandstand type applications.


  • Fixed Installations

  • Theatres & Auditoriums

  • Concert Halls

  • Houses of Worship

  • ALWAYS used in a vertical orientation

The ESR106 is an active driven 3 way system employing a unique column array of multiple 6“ woofers for unparalleled high quality vocal and music reproduction in challenging acoustical spaces and ambient environments.

Utilising 8 x 6“ woofers, 2 x 6“ mid bass woofers and a single 1“ high frequency driver mounted on a wide dispersion horn, the ESR106 is constructed to represent one large point source, with each part of the system positioned so that it is proportional in size to the wavelength it produces, thus the radiated power of each band remains consistent and balanced throughout the system’s overall frequency range.

The ESR106 has a controlled coverage at low and mid frequencies to reduce indoor reflections. The ESR106 is controlled and driven by a dedicated ESR2600D amplifier, using KV2 Audio proprietary SLA technology.


  • Full range 3 way system incorporating state of the art multiple transducers.

  • Multi point fixings for external brackets and flyware.

  • True musical solution for speech, vocals and music playback in difficult acoustical environments.

Click the link for more information :‐series/esr106.html


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