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Jason Baeri lights Depeche Mode world tour with Elation Artiste™ and new Rayzor Blade™

Depeche Mode is back touring in a big way with their “Momento Mori” world tour with lighting design by Jason Baeri and lighting supply by 4Wall. Elation lighting features in Baeri’s design, including three fixtures from the award‐ winning Artiste™ series of LED movers—Monet, Mondrian and Rembrandt—along with Elation’s new Proteus Rayzor Blade™.

One of the workhorses of the rig, says the designer, is the Artiste Rembrandt LED wash moving head. “I love how much it’s actually a real wash light!

Many manufacturers have what they say is a wash light with a PC lens but it’s really just a spot with internal frosts. They try to be the ultimate all‐in‐one tool but the quality of the light still feels hard edge. The Rembrandt on the other hand is a dedicated washlight where you get a good splashy feel and a real wonderful soft quality of light. It does it really well and not in a way I see in other fixtures that are on the market at the moment.”

Working from keylight positions and providing a bit of effect light as well are Artiste Monets, 45,000‐ lumen LED Profile luminaires with comprehensive FX package. “The Monets are a classic staple for me,” Baeri comments. “It’s such a clean, repeatable and reliable fixture that is just endlessly controllable.

The ability to get them into those deeper, darker colors while still maintaining your output is a real big help.”

Seeking to emulate the frame around the video with lighting, Baeri says they sought a fixture to line the downstage edge and found what they were looking for in Elation’s new Proteus Rayzor Blade. “The Rayzor Blade is a nice take on the bar light and fit that role really well,” he stated. “It’s a really high‐ output fixture with clean color mixing and a zoom that has a great range. They definitely help to ground the downstage edge of the picture.”

The Elation equipment for the “Memento Mori” tour is being supplied by 4Wall worldwide.

Photo © Steve Jennings


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