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Hippotizer Tierra+ MK2 feeds kaleidoscope of visuals for Electric Forest festival

Michigan’s much‐anticipated Electric Forest Festival returned for 2022 with an expertly curated line up of

EDM stars, jam bands, dubstep heroes and multiple other genres. On the Sherwood Court stage, a massive 7056x2864 canvas of LED screens made up of 180m2 of Roe MC7 and 150m2 of YesTech MG7 featured mind‐blowing visuals created by Observatory and powered by Hippotizer Tierra+ MK2 Media Servers.

Observatory’s brief was to create the scenic visual content for the Sherwood Court stage’s proscenium arch LED screens, and the upstage LED screen when there wasn’t a guest VJ or content supplied with the performer. The team was commissioned by Electric Forest organisers Insomniac events and Leisure Expert Group.

Observatory’s Director of Production, Simon Harris and the team created the content in Cinema4D, Octane and Redshift and sequenced in Adobe AfterEffects and Premiere. They used a range of third‐party control equipment via Hippotizer’s Multicontroller component to control two Tierra+ MK2 servers – one as main and one as backup – which were supplied by Screenworks NEP and sub‐rented from DMDs7udios. “We specified Tierra+ MK2 due to its power,” Harris continues. “We needed the system to run multiple layers of 7K content ‐ mapped to 2 x 3840x2160 outputs ‐ in addition to scenic overlays and any additional content supplied by the performer. We also wanted to utilise Hippotizer’s X‐Fade mode across all mixes to maintain seamless transitions between content and scenic overlays.”

“Hippotizer remains the ultimate video toolbox for me, and its flexibility is the ideal solution for running house video on festival stages,” he says. “I’m often asked that age old question that begins with ‘can you just…’ and I’m confident in being able to do what is asked of me when I have such a multitude of real time functionality at my fingertips.


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