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Hibino equips Life Corporation’s Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store with JBL Professional speakers

To achieve crystal‐clear sound quality throughout the Life Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store, Hibino Corporation outfitted the facility with dynamic JBL Professional Control 24 Micro ceiling speakers.

Hibino Corporation investigated and found that the current speakers were too sparsely installed for effective sound coverage and also doubled as the emergency broadcast system. The installation team then selected speakers from the JBL Professional Control series for high‐quality audio output and consistent coverage throughout the store.

Hibino’s engineers outfitted the store with 72 JBL Control 24CT Micro 2‐Way ceiling speakers, which are designed specifically for background audio implementation across any venue. Featuring a 4.5‐inch woofer, 0.5‐inch polycarbonate tweeter and a 150‐ degree coverage pattern, the 24CT Micro loudspeakers emit smooth and pleasant background music across a wide space while blending in seamlessly with the store’s decor. Thanks to their smooth frequency response and low distortion, the speakers also deliver clear and intelligible sound for in‐store announcements.

Control 24CT Micro

Life Corporation praised the JBL speakers’ simplicity and flexibility as a powerful music and announcement broadcast system, which they hope will further enrich the in‐store shopping experience. They also extended gratitude to Hibino for an efficient installation process.

“For projects like Life Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store, creating the right atmosphere and elevating the audio experiences of visitors can be game‐ changing,” said Amar Subash, Director, Channel Management and Audio Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner Hibino Corporation for being involved in every step of creating this immersive and welcoming store experience to keep customers coming back.”


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