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HARMAN Professional Solutions completes acquisition of FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, lighting, and video and control technologies, announced today it has completed the previously announced acquisition of FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING

(“FLUX::”). The purchase includes FLUX::’s immersive, processing, and analysis solutions across live production, installation sound, content creation, and post‐production.


The acquisition broadens HARMAN Professional’s offerings across multiple applications with world‐class immersive technology, in addition to establishing a foundation for future innovation by bringing together FLUX::’s team with the hardware and software engineers of HARMAN Professional.

“With the growing demand from our customers for immersive audio solutions, we are thrilled to welcome the FLUX:: team to the HARMAN family,” said Brian Divine, President, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The FLUX:: team is made up of a very passionate group of people who have dedicated their careers to creating exceptional audio experiences. We are excited to work together to create new products that push technological boundaries and create culturally significant experiences.”


“We are extremely honored to join the HARMAN brand portfolio, and work alongside the teams from some of the most legendary brands in the audio industry,” said Gaël Martinet, Founder and CEO of FLUX SOFTWARE

ENGINEERING. “We look forward to continuing our work developing immersive audio solutions with the significant investment, infrastructure and support that HARMAN will provide.”

France‐based FLUX:: was founded in 2006 by then seasoned sound recording engineer and current CEO, Gaël Martinet, for the purpose of creating intuitive and innovative audio software tools. Now, the portfolio of nearly 20 products is used globally by talented professionals across many applications.


  • FLUX:: SPAT Revolution is a powerful object‐based and perceptual immersive mixing solution providing artists, sound‐ designers, and sound‐engineers the tools to design, create, and mix outstanding real‐time immersive experiences.

  • FLUX:: Analyzer is a modular RTA‐ system providing an extensive range of analyzer options for any audio analysis and measurement application.

  • FLUX:: Processing includes a comprehensive suite of plugins including channel strips, EQs, dynamics processing, and more.



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