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Goshen Swara Indonesia installs KV2 Audio system to elevate the sound experience at Mantra

In the vibrant and ever‐evolving nightlife scene of Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) in Jakarta, a brand‐new star has emerged – Mantra Club. This fresh addition to the city's nightlife landscape is not just another nightclub but a dynamic entertainment hub that offers both DJ‐driven performances and captivating live music experiences.

To ensure an unparalleled audio journey, Mantra Club enlisted the expertise of Kairos and Music Art, leading audio installation specialists, supported by KV2 Audio's Indonesian distributor, Goshen Swara Indonesia. Challenges of a Dynamic Venue Mantra Club's commitment to delivering top‐notch live music experiences brought forth a set of unique challenges. The audio system needed to seamlessly transition from DJ sets to live performances, maintaining clarity and power throughout. Additionally, the club's acoustics had to be optimized for a diverse range of musical genres, ensuring an unforgettable auditory journey for clubgoers.

The Solution: KV2 Audio at its Finest

With all these challenges, Kairos and Music Art designed a state‐of‐the‐art audio setup for Mantra Club's main stage. The system boasts a lineup of KV2 Audio's finest components, including the VHD2.0, VHD1.0, and VHD4.18 speakers, supported by the powerful VHD2000 and VHD3200 amplifiers. These components come together to create a sonic landscape that can adapt seamlessly to the diverse musical offerings at Mantra Club.

Precision and Power

KV2 Audio's VHD (Very High Definition) series speakers are renowned for their precision and power. The VHD2.0 and VHD1.0 speakers deliver crystal‐clear audio, ensuring every note and lyric resonates with the audience.

The VHD4.18 subwoofers provide the deep, thunderous basslines that elevate the energy in the club, making it a true sonic powerhouse.

Seamless Transition with EX12

To facilitate smooth transitions between DJ sets and live performances, Kairos and Music Art incorporated the EX12 as sidefill, delay speakers also DJ monitor. These versatile speakers guarantee that the sound remains consistent and immersive, regardless of the performance format.

The Goshen Swara Indonesia Touch

Backing this ambitious project is Goshen Swara Indonesia, the trusted distributor of KV2 Audio in Indonesia. Their expertise and support ensure that the KV2 Audio components are seamlessly integrated into the club's infrastructure, meeting the highest standards of audio quality.

A New Era of Sound

With Kairos, Music Art, and Goshen Swara Indonesia joining forces, Mantra Club has ushered in a new era of sound. From DJ‐driven nights to electrifying live performances, the club's audio system has the versatility and power to captivate audiences of all musical tastes. This collaboration showcases how innovative audio solutions can elevate the nightclub experience, creating unforgettable moments for patrons and artists alike at Mantra Club, the exciting new addition to Jakarta's PIK nightlife.


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