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Elation Artiste Mondrian™ lights Mexican singers Lucero and Mijares

The show “¡Hasta que se nos hizo!”, presented at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City featured Mexican singers Lucero and Manuel Mijares who delighted the audience with hits from over 40 years in the entertainment industry. Axel Rebollo, in charge of lighting and production design for the show, used Elation Professional’s 51,000‐lumen Artiste Mondrian™ LED profile FX moving head, along with Chorus Line 16™ and Protron 3K Color™, to highlight the set and ran the amazing show using an NX2™ console by Obsidian Control Systems.

“A great thing about working with the Artiste Mondrian is its LED source, which is efficient and produces a very powerful output,” stated LD Axel Rebollo. “I also like its optics, the wide zoom range it offers and how versatile it can be thanks to its gobos, prisms, color system and all the tools it features.” With a 226mm PC lens and capable of producing a narrow 3° beam, the Artiste Mondrian is a remarkable fixture, utilizing a custom hotspot LED engine to provide outstanding center intensities at long throws. It houses an all‐inclusive FX package along with pioneering innovation like Elation’s exclusive 7‐flag SpectraColor color mixing system and endless rotation framing.

The Chorus Line 16 LED pixel bars lined a center square truss and outlying half‐ square trusses with more topping a backdrop LED screen and lining the downstage edge while the Protron 3K Color strobes were sprinkled among the rig for punches of color.

Mexican rental house Producciones Premium LT, a lighting, audio, video and backline production company for large‐scale shows, provided the Elation Professional fixtures for the show. The Lucero and Mijares tour was produced by AlmaShow Producciones.

Photos © Carlos Alvar

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