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Ecom Events adds to the enchantment of Fiers à Cheval with CHAUVET Professional

“We think of our creations as an invitation to dream,” Jean‐ Baptiste Duperray, founder and artistic director of La Compagnie des Quidams has said. This invitation was eagerly accepted recently by all who visited the historic Château des ducs de Bretagne on the banks of the Loire to see the talented street art group’s “Fiers à Cheval” performance. Enhancing the magic of the moment at the group’s Château des ducs de Bretagne performance was artful lighting design by Mathieu Simon and the team at Ecom Events that featured CHAUVET Professional fixtures. Among the fixtures chosen for the task were 12 COLORado Panel Q40 rectangular washes. Together the panel and tube fixtures, provide a richly textured blanket of color over the ground.

Adding an element of soft light to the space were four onAir IP Panel 1 units mounted two‐each on tripod truss stands. The wall of the Château des ducs de Bretagne served at the base of his semi‐circle and also the backdrop of the area where the outdoor performance took place. Endowing this wall/backdrop with vibrant colors that added to the impact of the performance was a collection of WELL Fit uplighters that ran along the base of the building. This installation was carried out in a very short time frame, thanks to the use of WDMX ‐‐ all without any weather risks to the fixtures thanks to their IP65 rating.


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