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Droneberger Showtechnik invests in Ayrton

Droneberger Showtechnik GmbH of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, is the latest company in Austria to invest in Ayrton fixtures, adding more than 40 Ayrton Karif LT and Ayrton Perseo Beam to its lighting inventory. “With the relocation of the company to our new business premises in Gerberweg 44 in Klagenfurt, we are excited to have expanded our portfolio of Ayrton moving lights for the first time,” says Freidl Droneberger. “The first order is already successfully in use.”

The Ayrton fixtures were initially purchased for the television show, Starnacht, and have since been taken into Droneberger’s dry hire stock and project area.

“We were searching for a current fixture which, in addition to a large light output, was able to realise clean, crisp gobo projections. Both these properties are extremely important for our TV projects,” explains Droneberger. “The Karif LT and the Perseo Beam proved to be very quiet with extremely accurate functionality. The high light output also succeeds in giving extremely clear projection of gobos, and the design and the weight of the fixtures allow comfortable handling when rigging and during maintenance. Basically, they ticked all our boxes!”

“Having known and worked with Friedl and the Droneberger team for many years, I knew the bar was set pretty high in terms of their expectations for quality and performance of equipment,” says Ayrton’s Jerad Garza. “We’re thrilled Droneberger have placed their trust in us, and are proud to welcome them to the Ayrton family.”

The team at Droneberger initially bought the Ayrton fixtures especially for the TV show Starnacht which is broadcast live three times a year from different locations on Austria’s ORF channel. The Starnacht year begins with the live broadcast from the lake stage at Mörbisch (Burgenland), continues with the broadcast from the East Bay on Lake Wörthersee and ends in September with the live broadcast from the Wachau.

“Both the Karif and the Perseo are very pleasant to handle,” says Droneberger’s technical director, Lukas Jussen. “Even with a long, sustained load, we were able to run rehearsals as well as the show without any failures. They are really reliable fixtures.”

“The Karif LT and Perseo Beams have been used to characterize the stage sets for the broadcasts and will be used on every show,” confirms Droneberger. “However, thanks to their flexible application, we can also equip concerts and industrial events, in addition to TV broadcasts."

Droneberger Showtechnik is happy to respond to requests for dry hire of their new Ayrton fixtures in between the regular broadcasts and anticipate a busy summer season for them.

Droneberger Showtechnik GmbH can be contacted at its newpremises:

Droneberger Showtechnik GmbH

Gerberweg 44

9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Austria

+43 (0)463 376 66


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