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Claypaky Rhapsodya

Rhapsodya emerges as a groundbreaking, low‐noise multi‐ spectral RGBAL LED fixture meticulously designed for various applications such as touring, live events, theatre, and TV production, and managed by a specially crafted, internally developed firmware algorithm. It is an evolution of Sinfonya, particularly regarding the focus on quality of optics and color management, and the whisper‐quiet operation even at full output.

Rhapsodya has a stunning new product design that is sleek and modern, with a double power output compared to Sinfonya.

Besides the innovative features in common with Sinfonya, such as ACCUFRAMETM, a framing system employing dual focal planes, achieving an astounding 40‐fold increase in precision when compared to conventional framing systems and TONEDOWNTM, which ensures whisper‐quiet operation at just 27dB, Absolute Position control for advanced PAN & TILT capabilities, and LINEGUARD, a new frost system employing two pairs of blades, Rhapsodya gives a technological boost thanks to the new features: AccuTune a precise control over the multicolor LED engine thanks to a new algorithm for vibrant and rich colors optimized for both stage and TV.

COLORSTRING, is an individual LED control for a high level of graphics and color effects, empowering you to create intricate and dynamic lighting displays. Furthermore, the fixture boasts a cutting‐edge Proprietary Optical System, offering an impressive 6° to 60° Zoom range. Rhapsodya is more than just a fixture; it’s your backstage partner, your on‐air star, and your roadie’s dream. Explore its exceptional features and witness the future of lighting innovation.

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