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Cameo AZOR® SP2

Compact Spot Profile Moving Head

•    300 W LED with 13,000 lm luminous flux

•    Motorized framing blades on 4 layers (+/‐ 60° roatable)

•    Zoom range: 5° ‐ 50°

•    CMY colour mixing and additional colour wheel with 8 dichroic colour filters

•    Rotating gobo wheel with 7 indexable/rotatable, exchangeable glass gobos + open

•    Overlapping prisms (linear + circular)

•    Linear CTO for colour temperature modulation in lighting setups

•    Selectable PWM frequencies up to 25 kHz for flicker‐free operation

•    Silent operation in 3 noise‐modes

Compact designed from small to medium stages. The AZOR® SP2 is made for artists, bands and actors on stages and theaters. The benefits of a classic spot with the addition of motorized framing blades on 4 layers, rotatable by +/‐ 60°.

An ideal partner for lighting designers and event service providers who are looking for a powerful

and versatile LED show light ‐ all of that in a compact housing.

The AZOR® SP2 is based on a 300 W LED light source with 13,000 lumens of luminous flux and a wide zoom range of 5°‐50° for precise adjustment of the light beam on any stage.

The integrated rotating CMY colour mixing system is complemented by an additional colour wheel with 8 dichroic filters to perform lightning‐fast colour changes and split colours in conjunction with the 630° pan and 270° tilt movement.

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