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Bosch Security Certified Partner Annual Meet 2022 in Thailand

It was a good sign the Southeast Asia is returning to pre‐pandemic business activities with the BSCP Meet 2022 hosted by Bosch Building Technologies for Bosch Security Certified Partners.

Held on the 25th of May at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, the annual meet updates the company's vision, strategy, and business outlook for the year 2022. The one day event also includes a networking session and product demonstration.

This year, the total number of attendees was 62, including 31 dealers nationwide in Thailand, and 22 from Bosch. It was a great opportunity for the Bosch team to have face‐to‐face networking with local partners for the first time in over two years because of the pandemic restrictions. “We also want to use this opportunity to thank our partners for their commitment and support, as well as sharing sales and marketing support plans.”

Click the URL to watch the video to find out more about the stage


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