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Bluebox and ROE Visual partner up again for new xR Studio in Beijing

Big‐blue Technology, a part of the Top 10 Global PR Agency, Blue Focus, set up a high‐end BLUEBOX xR studio in Beijing, covering 1,400 m² and equipped with ROE Visual panels. As a pioneer in the immersive digital world, the launch of this new studio advances a strategic step forward in developing its Blue Cursor Metaverse.

Nonetheless, xR studio is not new to Big‐blue. In 2022, Big‐blue has established its first BLUEBOX xR studio in Beijing, which was later moved to Shanghai, redecorated and expanded to 2,000 square meters. The first studio has successfully completed 15 TVC advertisements and broadcast‐related shoots, and hosted around 400 visitation events.

“Aiming to provide our customers with the most advanced extended reality technology and a better creative platform, we adopted the highest‐level hardware configuration when designing this studio, such as ROE BP2V2 and BM4, Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors, disguise media servers, ARRI cinematic lighting equipment, Vicon motion capture systems, and Mo‐Sys camera tracking systems,” states Vno Hu, Chief Technology Officer of Big‐blue Technology.

“It is not the first time that we cooperated with ROE Visual. Both the Beijing and Shanghai studios use ROE BLACK PEARL BP2V2 as the main screen, with ROE BM4 for ground screens. In detail, 756 pcs of BP2V2 and 425 pcs of BM4 for this project.” Vno was excited and continued, “To be honest, we never get disappointed with ROE Visual panels, so do the industry‐leading directors of photography and film directors. The panels are exactly what they tested in the first place and the team always delivers on their promises!"

“Working with Big‐blue was a great experience for us! Unlike the first studio which was set up in 7 days, Big‐blue allocated 15 days for the preparation of this project. They paid attention to every detail and standard, and we challenged them to do better than before.” says Luc, Technical Director of ROE Visual.

“We can’t wait to express our appreciation for the exceptional work the ROE engineers have done during the 15 days we have worked together. Their solid professional skills, clear timeline, and calm, solution‐oriented attitude have truly impressed us.” Vno continued, “The ROE team’s hardworking nature was evident as effortlessly communicated with us, ensuring that any issues were promptly addressed. It was remarkable to see how they tirelessly debugged systems, even working overtime without any complaint. Their dedication to delivering what they promised is truly inspiring, and we have been deeply motivated by their solution‐oriented and religious mindset.”

“Our partnership with Big‐blue has spanned two years, and we have become very good strategic partners with a deep understanding of each other. Guided by Big‐blue's forward thinking approach for the future, we believe that we can achieve more breakthroughs and delve deeper into the immersive digital world together,” adds Grace Guo, Sales Director of ROE Visual.

Big‐blue Technology has independently connected and completed all links in the industry chain thanks to its core technological advantages and virtual reality content production plaftorm. Although virtual production has gained more recognition and acceptance in the international market compared to China, we firmly believe that the establishment of our new xR Studio is a significant step towards bridging this gap. Also, we are optimistic that the time for virtual production to flourish in China is fast approaching.


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