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Ayrton’s Cobra strikes at Prolight + Sound

Ayrton celebrated its 20th anniversary at Prolight + Sound with a new lightshow, created by Stéphane Migné in conjunction with French water effects company, Aquatique Show. This showcased Ayrton’s latest products including the new Zonda 9 FX with its stunning liquid effects and Cobra, Ayrton’s first IP65 laser sourced fixture. The imaginative visual choreography gave a taste of the creativity these new products are capable of and ensured Ayrton remained one of the busiest stands at Prolight + Sound.

“It is incredible to be back at Prolight + Sound after two years,” says Ayrton CEO, Chris Ferrante. “We have been busy engineering and developing new products, such as Domino LT and Huracan LT. Now, for the first time, we are showing Zonda 9 FX and Cobra, our laser light sourced fixture. These are all clever, unique products, especially the liquid effects in Zonda which are absolutely stunning, and the narrow 0.6° beam of Cobra – these are things we couldn’t have achieved just a few years ago. It’s been super to showthese new products to the industry in person and to hear first‐hand their overwhelmingly positive response.”

Zonda 9: Central to the show and making their debut were Zonda 9 FX and Zonda 9 Wash, the first luminaires in a new family of products devised for stage lighting. This new feature caused a lot of excitement demonstrating its phenomenal potential for a multiplicity of unique effects.

Cobra: Ayrton’s first IP65 laser‐sourced fixture, Cobra, received its eagerly awaited official launch at the show.

Designed for rendering a D65 white point that allows perfect colour reproduction, Cobra is the only luminaire on the market capable of illuminating an object several kilometres away, with an output of 386,000 lux at 20m, an unprecedented 38x zoom ratio and an incredible zoom range of 0.6° to 23°.

Domino LT also took its place for the first time in the show ‐ and under the fountains ‐ demonstrating its capabilities as a IP65‐rated 1000W, 6700K profile fixture with a 51,000 lumen output, and a 3.5° ‐ 53° zoom through its 225mm front lens.


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