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Ayrton Perseo Profiles dominate rig for “Alicia + Keys World Tour”

Singer‐songwriter Alicia Keys has embarked on her sixth concert tour playing 31 dates in North America and 21 in Europe on the “Alicia + Keys World Tour.” Lighting Designer Bryan Barancik, Principal of Luxious Creative in Boston, selected 142 Ayrton Perseo Profiles as the workhorse fixtures in the rig.He also chose two grandMA3 full‐size consoles with five NPUs to control the lighting plus a grandMA2 onPC command wing for use by the touring techs.

ACT Entertainment is the exclusive North American distributor of the Ayrton and MA

Lighting brands. 4Wall is the lighting and video equipment vendor for the tour, which kicked off in Birmingham, England in June and wraps in Nashville in late September. The tour marks the first time that Barancik, who has been working with Keys since 2010, has used Perseo Profiles. He previously used Ayrton Khamsins for the Eagles. “For this tour I needed LED profile fixtures for consistent color temperatures working with the video cameras. The fixtures also had to be low maintenance for the crew, since many of them are mounted above the video canopy, and well‐proven,” explains Barancik. “The Perseos were right fixture for the job at hand.” Barancik’s lighting design began with overall scenic design from Bruce Rodgers, which features a 12‐foot LED videowall upstage that splits in the center and plays alone or in conjunction with an automated canopy over the stage composed of linear lighting tubes mapped to video. The Perseos dominate the rig and are mounted in the air, on towers and the floor.


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