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ASIIS Indonesia installs full CHAUVET and Clair Brothers systems in GBI Keluarga Allah PIK

PT ASIIS Indonesia recently designed, supplied and installed the sound reinforcement and lighting systems for the GBI Keluarga Allah PIK in Indonesia. Established in 2006, ASIIS Indonesia has proven us to be one of the most respected professional audio system integrators in Indonesia.

The sound reinforcement for the church includes a Clair Brothers main L/R configuration of 6 x C10‐M‐100, 6 x C10‐M‐120 line array elements plus 8 x CS218 subs, and 6 x P8‐P‐95 loudspeakers. The main system is driven by 3 x CB‐D80‐4l and 2 x CB‐D2000‐4L power amplifiers. The overflow delay system configuration utilizes 2 x 10SPOT and a P8‐P‐95 loudspeaker, all powered by a single CB‐D80‐4L amplifier. For the foyer entrance, the system utilizes only 4 x P8‐P‐95 loudspeakers.

The main audio mixing system uses 2 x SSL L200 with SSL SB3225 stageboxes, and SuperRack SoundGrid plugins, Axis One Waves qualified Host, Extreme C Half‐rack Waves compatible SoundGrid Server.

Monitor mixing system comprises an eMotion LV 64 st live mixer with full eMO D5 comp/gate/expander/leveler/ limiter/d'esser, Axis One Waves qualified Host, Extreme C Half‐rack, SoundStudio STG‐2412, SoundStudio STG‐1608, and Netgear Waves SG Qualified Switch 8 ports.

Broadcast mixing system comprises another eMotion LV 64 st. Axis One Waves qualified Host, Extreme C Half‐ rack, DSPRO StageGrid 1000, and Netgear ports. The lighting system is a full CHAUVET rig boasting a stunning inventory of 28 x R3 Beam, 8 x R3 Spot, 6 x R1 Beamwash, 27 x STRIKE Array 4, 17 x Ovation F195VW w/barndoor, 16 x Ovatio P56 FC, 10 x COLORdash PAR H12IP, 12 x Data Stream 8 DMX splitters, and 8 x Net‐XII rack‐ mountable Ethernet‐to‐DMX nodes. Control is on a Chamsys MagicQ MQ250 Stadium console.


Photos © ASIIS Indonesia


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