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Artiste Monet™ supplied from Volt Lites create summer memories at iconic Hollywood Bowl

Photo © Farah Sosa - provided courtesy of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association Live outdoor performance venues don’t get more iconic than Southern California’s Hollywood Bowl. This summer, the LA Phil and a host of other artists are performing beneath a seasonal lighting rig at The Bowl that includes Elation Artiste Monet™ LED profile luminaires. Full‐service lighting company Volt Lites of Southern California has supplied 50 of Elation’s award‐winning Artiste Monet fixtures to The Bowl after adding the LED profiles to its inventory earlier this year, a shipment that joined other Monets already in stock. IATSE Local 33 installed the seasonal house package at The Bowl, whose summer schedule debuted in May and carries through to the fall. Volt Lites is providing lighting support. Volt Lites, based in Burbank, has worked with the Hollywood Bowl for years on various tours and one‐off specials. Company co‐founder Matthew Shimamoto says this summer season is the first time the LA Phil has gone with a fully automated lighting system, having eliminated a number of old Fresnel and tungsten lights. “They are very thorough in their process about what product they want to put in there,” he says. “Following a shootout with various LED profiles, they decided on the brighter Monet and have been ecstatic with the choice so far.”

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