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Absen joins GPA’s Global Partner Program

GPA, the world’s largest AV systems integrator, is thrilled to announce Absen has joined the GPA Global Partner Program.

GPA will help Absen strengthen its supply chain and provides local contact points for its global customers across 50 countries, ensuring seamless communication throughout the entire customer journey. The GPA partnership will help support Absen’s global coverage and ensure a strong and prolific offering of its LED displays to new and existing customers.

“As one of the world's leading display brands, Absen brings over twenty years' experience powering 50,000 installations to the GPA Partner Program,” commented Mike Stead, GPA’s Director, Global Partnerships. “Through this united partnership, customers have access to understand, influence and benefit from the combined power of China's leading LED manufacturer with the expertise of the world's largest AV Integrator.”

Renowned for their large LED installations, Absen are driving the LED market with high-quality products being deployed in meeting spaces, control rooms, visualisation, simulation and lecture theatres in all corners of the globe. Backed by GPA’s global program and project management, high-quality installation and Global Care managed services, customers can trust in the superior LED deployment in over 150+ major cities.

“We are delighted to be joining the GPA Global Partner Program,” says Darren Banks, Industry Development Director for Corporate at Absen, “I’ m looking forward to expanding our sales reach into new areas through the GPA network of customers and partners. I’m sure it will be a beneficial partnership that will help us deliver on our shared goals.”

Alongside technical and user-experience excellence at competitive prices, Absen has a major focus on sustainability. For many years the 'Absen Green' program has driven the design, manufacture, distribution, low-energy operation and repairability of Absen products.


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