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Yajiang 1200W IP65 moving head lights up Grant Sports Games

The Opening Ceremony of The 17th Games of Shaanxi Province was held in Yulin Sports Center on the evening of August 6th.With advanced technology and fixtures, the outdoor performance reflect the beauty of the nature, humanity, and the times.

In the Sports Center with 6,000 seats, rows of Tarpon 72Q Plus floodlight are placed in the auditorium to cooperate with other fixtures for artistic performance on the stage. It gives a sense of hazy beauty that spectators were immersive on the stage as its brilliant wash effect can coordinate dynamic lights on the stage from solemn cold white to radiant bright color. With RGBW multiple color and intelligent DIM4 16Bit technology, high efficiency and uniform output creating a comfortable atmosphere.

On the outside of the Sports Center, Eidolon Profile 1500M accurately light up the triangular objects achieving the 3‐D washing and gobos effect.

They display the unique architecture features of the sports center, with rotating gobos, accurate framing system, prism and frost filter effect, sports center being a shining star in this city.

71000Lux @ 5m, 1200W high power, strong & sharp beam and uniform color effect highlighting the features of the sports center.

All weather projection with IP65 guarantees the amazing opening of the Games.

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WhatsApp Image 2024-02-27 at 1.41.16 PM.jpeg
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