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Travis Shirley thinks outside the box with Proteus Rayzor Blade™ on Bad Bunny “World's Hottest Tour”

Bad Bunny enjoyed a celebrated sold‐out tour earlier this year and is currently repeating the success, this time in stadiums across North and South America on his “World’s Hottest Tour.” Production/Show Designer for the tour is Travis Shirley, who is using Elation Professional’s new Proteus Rayzor Blade™ linear light as an effect workhorse on the show. “Rather than having traditional side screens hung between the roof posts right and left, we incorporated production into those posts and highlighted them with linear Proteus Rayzor Blade™ fixtures hung vertically,” Shirley explains. “Those four downstage roof posts became quite important to the design of the show.” The designer wrapped lighting on three of the four sides of the roof posts. Utility lighting graced the upstage and onstage sides for side and key light onto the stage, band and dancers, while on the downstage side a vertical truss the length of the posts, approximately 70 feet, was lined with the Proteus Rayzor Blades. “I knew I needed to accentuate the custom edge of the stage,” Shirley says, “so I put a bunch of Proteus Smarty Hybrid™ fixtures on a custom shelf on the downstage which really helps to show off and showcase that the downstage is not a traditional flat edge but is literally the curvature of the west coast of Puerto Rico.”


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