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Silver Star Aurora 150 HEX and Neptune 700 profile fixtures play in the show “Dream of XISHI”

The Hometown of Xishi, which is ancient beauty tourism place, it is Located in Zhuji City, Shaoxing.

Recently, There is a big performance show “Dream of XISHI” hold there, the show explore and analyze the female power contained in the role of Xi Shi, take the values of modern people as a yardstick, and re‐analyze the inner spiritual power of this legendary beauty by deconstructing various legends about Xi Shi.

In order to restore the stage atmosphere perfectly and perform the high quality and shapes of the beauty, the lighting designer choose Silver Star Stager series Aurora 150 HEX for this project, which achieve accurate CCT from 2200K‐10000K, high CRI up to RA95 in the range 2700K‐6500K, also together with Silver Star IP 65 moving head profile ‐Neptune 700 profile, creating a vivid and dynamic show to audiences.


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