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ROE Visual selected for KBS’s first XR Studio

In April, KBS (the Korean Broadcasting System), the national broadcaster of South Korea, has successfully launched its next‐generation XR Studio. KBS’s trusted partner, Ark Ventures, chose ROE Visual and Brompton Technology to cater for KBS’s high standards.

KBS has been a reliable and trend‐ setti ng public media since its establishment in 1927. Seeing the growing XR impact in the global broadcasting industry, KBS decided to create its own and pioneer the way in South Korea. Therefore, found Ark Ventures, Korea’s leading XR and Virtual Production consultant, as their trusted partner.

"When selecting the products for the LED wall at KBS studio,” says David Oh, General Manager at Ark Ventures, “we sought an optimal combination of performance and reputation. ROE Visual's BP2V2 was our best choice, offering a high refresh rate, low scan rate, and exceptional stability. Meanwhile, Brompton's LED processing is widely considered to be the industry gold standard, so it made sense to pair the best with the best."

Measuring 10 by 4.5 meters, 180pcs of BP2V2 are used to build this LED wall. The worldwide application of BP2V2 upholds its unique position in the content production market as the ideal display solution. Regarded as the gold standard LED display of in‐camera performance, the BP2V2 panel has undoubtedly become the top choice for projects in this national broadcaster’s studio, presenting immersive digital environments with unparalleled color vibrancy and lighting accuracy.

With the completion of the installation, KBS unveiled MONSTOP.TRIP in July, a Kpop program made in this XR studio. The show revolves around the travel plans of the two hosts in different destinations, which reveals the charm of XR stage, bringing viewers and broadcasters in the local scenery or real‐time graphics to enhance the storytelling and the visual effects.

"The synergy achieved through the dynamic partnership between Ark Ventures Korea, ROE Visual LED, and Brompton Technology has given rise to an exceptional xR stage at the KBS. This collaboration exemplifies Brompton's innovation, pushing the boundaries of visual excellence and technological prowess. The new xR stage promises to redefine broadcasting possibilities, captivating audiences with immersive experiences.” states Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations for Brompton Technology.

“We are grateful to have Ark Venture’s support and participate in KBS’s project. With the first XR studio set up, we witness KBS’s innovation and leadership in South Korea's broadcasting industry. We look forward to many more amazing shows that will come out from here and captivate the audiences worldwide." says Grace Guo, Sales Director for ROE Visual.


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