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ROE Visual partners with Dover Street Market for

DSMP is delighted to host a unique installation for their latest Paris‐based location 3537, designed by artists Gerrard and Richie Hawtin, in partnership with ROE Visual.

The installation, a large, high‐definition LED screen facing off with a stack of speakers, has a one‐month residency. The screen depicts an iridescent python eating its tail and moving slowly in a figure‐eight, the shape of infinity. Gerrard programmed a virtual camera to pan over the snake at the sun's speed, with the light, perspective, and speed changing with the seasons.

Embedded in many of Gerrard's works are warnings about climate change. His "solar serpent" at 3537, moving under the sun in the shape of an ancient symbol of birth and renewal, suggests that people ignore rhythms of balance at their peril.

Looking for a LED screen that would do right to the minutiae iridescent color shades and the deep black surrounding the snake, executive producer Martine d'Anglejan‐Chatillon and Jim Martin approached ROE Visual. Convinced that only a high‐quality LED product would do justice to this digital work of art, they were delighted that ROE Visual could supply the correct type of LED panel.

The extraordinary color gamut of the Ruby RB2.3 LED panel, combined with its wide viewing angle and high contrast, made it perfect for the job.

"Being able to transpose my artwork from a design environment to a live environment without loss of quality or color spectrum is of enormous importance and meaning for any artist," comments Gerrard. "We're delighted with the final results, the LED wall is perfection, and the python on it looks beautiful, "states d'Anglejan‐Chatillon.


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