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Robe Tetra2s help drip feed the art for Goose Tour

Indie groove band Goose’s ‘Dripfield’ US summer tour united the passion and talents of two lighting professionals – Andrew Goedde and Tony Caporale – who with the assistance of some Robe Tetra2 moving LED battens among other lights, have created a unique, eye‐ catching look as the band delights fans across America.

Indianapolis‐based Andrew has worked as Goose’s LD for four years and also owns a busy lighting rental business. When he and Tony – well known for his ground‐breaking lighting work with Billie Eilish among others – met randomly at a Goose show, they hit it off as friends and realized that a design collaboration would be the way to go for this project.

The Tetra2s were a joint decision made by both Andrew and Tony as they started listening to the new album. “The music was the starting point for the design, and very soon we knew we needed a moving LED batten to emphasize the vibe of the album,” explained Andrew, “and the Tetra2 stood out to us the most!”

Tony commented that while there are numerous LED batten fixtures out there right now, the Tetra2 “stands out” with its flower effects and other cool features, which together with the excellent zoom “enables us to produce a full range of dynamic design effects, and believe me, we are having had A LOT of fun with them!!” “There’s no other batten that has that amazing zoom and we do some crazy stuff with it,” confirms Andrew.

On the US tour, the 16 x Tetras are an integral part of the floor package, positioned upstage on the deck on pipe‐ and‐base stands each angled at 20 degrees to get a quirky look. The fixtures are programmed with numerous fluid and kinetic effects to get the specific ‘drippy’ aesthetic that Andrew and Tony wanted, and they are one of the defining visual elements.

Andrew joined Tony in Nashville as they pre‐vizzed the show in Capture and worked through all the songs which the band can and do play different every night of the tour. “You simply have to be prepared for anything!” noted Andrew. Three days of production rehearsals in Pod 2 at Rock Lititz saw some concentrated programming sessions on the grandMA3 console.

Photo © Adam Berta


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