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Robe T15 FresnelTM & T15 PCTMFor broadcast studios and theatres

This is a fixture for broadcast studios and theatres featuring Robe’s new ZoomStatTM system with stationary fresnel or PC lens (patent pending) and motorised zoom range of 10° ‐ 72° with a soft fresnel style of light output and a CRI of 95 that is perfect for natural skin tones.

With ZoomStatTM incorporating a stationary front Fresnel or PC lens, an impressively wide beam angle exceeding 70° is produced.

In conjunction with the motorized zoom functionality, ZoomStat™ enables adjustment of the beam / wash spread in three different ways – remotely from the console, via a motorized fader conveniently located on the fixture's side, or through user‐friendly backlit control buttons situated on the fixture’s rear panel.

The fixture offers CMY or RGB colour control with a virtual CCT range from 2.700K to 8.000K.

Robe’s Cpulse™ flicker‐free management is ideal for use with all the latest camera systems.

The in‐house designed, developed, and manufactured MSL‐TE™ 350W LED engine offers an excellent 11,960 lumen output, and other benefits include the AirLOC™ for less residue and less noise. The zero airflow‐over‐ optics means extended cleaning intervals and low noise levels make it ideal for sound‐sensitive environments.

A PC version of the T15 fixture is also available with identical features.

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