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Dynamic LED foot lighting

For something completely different ….

Robe’s revolutionary IP65‐rated FOOTSIE fixture redefines the concept of traditional ‘footlights’ and effectively removes the visual barrier between audience and performers.

The IP65‐rated FOOTSIE delivers dynamic LED foot lighting, whatever the production, environment or weather!

This highly innovative new product is currently available in two standard lengths, FOOTSIE1™ (600mm) & FOOTSIE2™ (1200mm), with a choice of warm or tuneable white LEDs or RGBW high power single chip LEDs.

The classic warm white LEDs offer a CRI greater than 90 – fantastic for key lighting of faces, and the tuneable white ranges from 2.700K – 6.500K.

The RGBW version facilitates all colours, including those infamous up‐lit horror looks, so great for all relevant themed theatrical shows and the darker metal genres of music!

The LEDs are evenly spaced to provide the smoothest of washes and continuous runs of illumination across stages, sets, runways, etc.

The FOOTSIE’s cool low laying 52 mm high design allows a full view of the performer keeping the stage and sightlines clear and clean, while an integral self‐contained cable tray can be used to neatly run any loose laying audio, power or data cables and their associated trip hazards!

For flexibility in a run of fixtures, FOOTSIE1TM has two individually controlled zones within its 600 mm length, while FOOTSIE2TM, being longer at 1.200 mm, has four zones.

BluMark™ allows a low‐level blue LED indication of the stage edges without affecting the lighting states.

An Integrated Shield that covers a direct line‐of‐sight view between the LED sources from the audience side, protecting them from unintentional glare / flare, can either be folded inside the fixture housing or released and installed in position.

Fixtures can be joined together swiftly and easily with a fast connection system, and corner pieces of various angles are available, making the fixture ideal for outlining sets and stages or creating other bespoke shapes.

The convection‐cooled FOOTSIE is perfect for theatres, concert stages, fashion show catwalks and all types of corporate and industrial events.

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