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Premiere for GLP ArenaLED System at the European Championships in Munich

The second European Championships took place in Munich, bundling together a variety of sports. While most of the competitions were held in the Munich Olympic Park, the beach volleyball and climbing competitions took place within the impressive neoclassical architecture of the Königsplatz. PRG was the general technical service provider, responsible for the lighting, audio, video and rigging elements. For the outdoor competitions on the Königsplatz in particular, lighting planner Matthias Allhoff turned to the innovative ArenaLED System from GLP. This was specially developed for sporting events, having been overseen by GLP’s Oliver Schwendke. PRG used a total of 72 ArenaLED modules on the Königsplatz. Nine ArenaLED modules each formed a 3 × 3 ArenaLED array, which emitted a total of over 200,000 lm each. The combination of eight separate ArenaLED arrays thus realised a total luminous flux of over 1.5m lm. These were used to realise the sports lighting both on the playing field and as front light for the audience. “With its light output of well over 100 lm/W, GLP’s ArenaLED System is incredibly bright and offers very good light quality,” says Allhoff. “The individual ArenaLED modules, each with more than 20,000 lm, can be fully illuminated and dimmed very easily. The option of combining several ArenaLED modules into a lighting array enables ultra‐bright floodlighting that is ideal for use at sporting, and other major events. Such a system is also extremely efficient for industrial events with large ceiling heights.” In addition, 32 GLP HIGHLANDER Wash were used to illuminate other locations.


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