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PIXLEHUE systems drives Sabah State Development conference

SABAH MAJU JAYA 2022 was successfully held in Malaysia, Sabah International Convention center. Sabah Maju Jaya, which has been the slogan of the State Emblem for a long time, has been adopted as the name of the Sabah State development plan for 2021‐2025, to bring the image of inclusivity, co‐ownership and accountability of every Sabahan to make the state's development agenda a success. The Direction of Sabah Maju Jaya serves as a guide to the direction of government policies and programs, thus guiding the direction of planned and strategic implementation, to achieve targets and goals that coincide with the needs of the state's development.

For such a major conference in Malaysia, thanks go to SR Events Sdn. Bhd. and Premier Echo Sound & Light system Sdn. Bhd for choosing PIXELHUE's Flex‐View Event Presentation Switcher and Live event console as the visual control backbone for the whole conference.

Premier Echo Sound & Light System Sdn Bhd is one of the major Audio‐ Visual rental production companies in Malaysia, and James Ling, the owner of this company, has been in the professional AV rental production industry for more than thirty years. This time, Mr. Ling decided to try PIXELHUE's presentation switcher and console together, and of course PIXELHUE didn't let him or the conference down. Mr. Ling said that PIXELHUE's F4 presentation switcher has perfect Input and output loading capacity, and so far, there is no other presentation switcher that can support so many outputs at once on the market.

The U3 Live console, with paired Triton software, is very easy to get hands‐on, and is large enough to easily control with Take, Cut and T‐Bar functions. At this event, we have saved several different layouts ad presets, and completely satisfied the conference’s display needs. "It's our first time applying PIXELHUE's products at an event, but I believe that after this event, there will be more and more opportunities for cooperation.

With An increasing number of successful PIXELHUE applications, the road ahead is brighter than ever.

As more and more companies realize the power and versatility of PIXELHUE products, increased visibility across a wide range of applications is assured.

There were a total of 5 inputs used, including:

· Mac mini providing 4K input with HDMI for the main screen

· MacBook Pro providing Full HD input with HDMI for the top screen

· Mac Mini providing full HD input with HDMI for the Book LED

· Windows computer providing Full HD input with HDMI for the presentation PC

· Camera input with 3G‐SDI

There were a total of 10 outputs, including:

· Top LED (1536 x 512)

· Book LED (2560 x 512)

· Left Side Screen Stage (2560 x 512)

· Right Side Screen Stage (2560 x 512)

· Left Side ‐ 1 (1792 x 1024) AUX 1‐1

· Right Side ‐ 1 (1792 x 1024) AUX1‐2

· Main Screen (6144 x 1024)

· Left Side ‐ 2 (1792 x 1024)

· Right Side ‐ 2 (1792 x 1024)

· VVIP View Screen (1792 x 1024)

· AUX 1‐3


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