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NEXO expands ePS installation range with ePS12 and eLS18 sub

Since its launch back in 2021, NEXO’s ePS Series has gained an enviable reputation for performance and value in professional installation loudspeakers. Proudly manufactured in France, this range of 2‐way passive cabinets and partner subbass units draws on the success of the legendary PS Series, slimming down connection and mounting options, and taking advantage of new manufacturing techniques and driver design to hit unprecedented price points for NEXO industry‐standard point source products.

Already delivering powerful, full‐bandwidth sound in a variety of prestigious installations around the world, the ePS Series of 6, 8 and 10‐inch models and 12 and 15‐inch partner subs is now expanded with the launch of the new ePS12 and eLS18 sub.

Like the other loudspeakers in the range, the ePS12 packages all the NEXO hallmarks of high output, superior coverage patterns, directional control and musical performance into a compact trapezoidal‐shapedBaltic‐birch enclosure, with a steel grille for IP55 certified weather resistance.

Partnering a 12‐inch neodymium long‐excursion LF driver with a 1.7‐inch diaphragm HF compression driver

and NEXO’s trademark rotatable horn design offering dispersion options to the user, peak SPL @ 1m is an impressive 133dB, with a frequency response @ ‐6dB of 60Hz‐20kHz.

The ePS12 can be stacked or flown with the new eLS18 1 x 18‐inch sub which shares the same design aesthetic and extends LF response down to 32Hz. Dedicated accessories allow ePS cabinets to be flown beneath the subwoofer, creating small‐footprint wideband systems that are visually pleasing.

All four main cabinets are minimally fitted with a hard‐wired strip for connection, offering generic 2x 7 mm pitch IN/OUT screws connectors.

The IP cover protects the connectors from moisture in outdoor applications.

On each side of the cabinet, two M6 with 80mm pitch and one M10 fitting allow connection to U Bracket, bumper or eye bolts.

The back of each speaker is fitted with 3x M6 with 70mm pitch for wall mount in both horizontal and vertical positions. Subs feature 2 x 7 mm pitch IN/OUT screws connectors and M10 rigging points.

All units are finished in black structural paint (white and all other RAL colours are available to order), with a UV‐ resistant acoustic fabric stretched over the front grille.

Systems composed of ePS and eLS elements have the advantage of high‐ quality components familiar to all users of NEXO’s premium systems, coupled with the unique networkable amplification and processing capabilities of the NEXO NXAMPmk2 powered controllers, and NEXO DTD/DTDAMP power and processing solutions for smaller installations.

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