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Neumann monitors for immersive audio at Sci‐Fi studio in Malaysia

Located at Selangor in Malaysia, Sci‐Fi studio is one of the very few officially listed Dolby Atmos music studios in Malaysia. Spanning 1800 sq ft, the impressive and spacious studio features 2 control rooms and 1 live studio.

Decked in state‐of‐the‐art Dolby Atmos system and Neumann studio monitors, the Dolby Atmos mixing room is being used to produce albums and EPs, for immersive mixing for Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon HD, as well as to cater output for Over The Top (OTT) media platforms such as Disney plus and Netflix.

Sci‐Fi studio was founded by Megat Sazali and his business partner Bajai in 2011 and they moved into this studio in 2013. Unlike most studios in Malaysia, they pride themselves as having the capability and space to do both music production and audio post‐production in the same studio.

Megat and Bajai believes that immersive audio will continue to evolve with the latest technologies such as augmented reality and spatial computing. “In the future, there will definitely be more platforms for accessing immersive audio. With the rise of Web 3.0, NFT and themetaverse, there is no doubt that immersive audio will continue to evolve to become the main medium for audio in the future,” says Bajai.

Accuracy in sound, improvement in workflow

With the addition of the Neumann speakers in SciFi studio, Megat explained that they have finally found the sweet spot.

“We have started using Neumann for a few months now and this is a huge step up in terms of audio quality compared to our previous set‐up. We can now control the LFT, the low frequencies to achieve a smooth and transparent sound.”

The Dolby Atmos mixing room in Sci‐Fi Studio features three Neumann KH 310 three‐way tri‐amplified monitor speakers at the front, 4 Neumann KH120 bi‐amplified near field speakers covering the side and rear, as well as 4 KH80 DSP mounted on the ceiling.

Beyond the exceptional audio quality, the Neumann monitor speakers also helped to enhance the workflow at Sci‐ Fi Studios, allowing both partners to make decisions quickly and accurately: “The KH310 delivers the middle and high frequency range clearly and accurately which allows us to make quick and easy decisions during our workflow. There’s also plenty of headroom hence even when we turn up the speakers, we can still have our discussion without having to raise our voices at each other.”

The Neumann Difference

Artists, musicians, and sound engineers who have visited Sci‐Fi studio were all really impressed by the quality of the sound and the immersive mixes produced by the studio: “The quality of Neumann truly speaks for itself. People tell us they get goosebumps from the panning of the audio that comes from our rear and ceiling speakers. You can actually feel the wideness and the immersive imaging, and that’s what makes it special”, remarked Megat.

If you want to experience the Neumann speakers, drop by Scifi Studio to hear the difference.


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