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KV2 Audio shows its prowess in Manila

As part of its ethos, KV2 Audio is committed to sharing knowledge and techniques about sound and its

characteristics to the industry sectors that it serves. As part of this program, the company's Asia Pacific office, headed by Robert Adrian Tan, recently participated with a series of live demonstrations that were held at the Musik Manila Expo last 25‐26 August at the World Trade Center, Manila, Philippines.

Robert is the Director of Sales Asia KV2 Audio International, was on site in Manila with his colleague Andy Austin Brown, KV2 Technical Projects Director, to ensure a smooth show and had oversaw every step of the way, that everything was done correctly.

left to right: KV2 Technical Projects Director Andy Austin Brown, Sound Level Production owner Dick Dominguez, and KV2 Director of Sales Asia Robert Adrian Tan

Exhibiting with their local partner, Sound Level Rental, KV2 also held exchanges and enquiries at the KV2 and Sound Level Rental indoor booth covering topics as the audio characteristics of the KV2 range which are aimed at the large community of sound engineers and rental company owners in the Philippines.

"The Musik Manila Expo was indeed another eye and a listener's gain, when it came to the Outdoor Demo. We had only two cabinets for the Mid High enclosures whereby the rest of the field had at least six cabinets. We had doubled the subwoofers from the original eight subs as the Filipino preference and indeed, it created the right listening preference, as there was the applause that we received, that ensured that we had to do what we did in this show, which was to understand the requirements of the locals. We received multiple enquiries after each demo, and that proves, what we specified for the show was not wrong," said Robert.

Outdoor Demo Gear:

  • 2 x VHD 2.0 (Mid High Enclosures)

  • 18 x VHD 4.18 Sub woofers

Indoor Booth ‐ East Tent Booth D4 ‐ Gear:

  • KV2 ESM 312/ EX12/ EX15/ EX 26

  • ESD Cubes

  • ESD 1.10 Sub woofer

  • ESP 1000 (Amplifier)

  • ESP 2000 (Amplifier)

  • Krig‐ KT2.0/ KT2.15/KPAK2600 (Amplifier)


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