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FP Rentals adds more Ayrton Diablo S fixtures to its inventory

Anaheim, California‐based FP Rentals continues to expand its lighting inventory adding 24 more Ayrton Diablo S fixtures. The company acquired 48 Diablo S last year in its first Ayrton purchase. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.

FP Rentals offers an extensive inventory largely to A/V service providers. Its sister company is BYFP, a distribution firm. “We had seen many new brands come onto the market in the last few years, but they were not building quality, innovative products,” says Steven Lu, President of FP Rentals.

“I was pleasantly surprised when ACT’s Eric Abad [Western RegionalSales] first put Ayrton Diablo in front of me, and I fell in love with the fixture. It’s lightweight, the balance was right and it’s a beautiful light. It was the whole package.”

Lu sees the Diablos replacing mid‐size profiles. FP Rentals has several hundred “industry‐standard” profiles in its inventory, but Lu feels the Diablos set “a new standard. They offer a lot of value to our customers and my inner lighting geek self. If 2022 hadn’t been a year of COVID recovery, I think we would have purchased the Diablos even faster.”

FP Rentals’ saw demand pick up for its initial Diablo purchase as customers “adopted the light and didn’t look back,” so the company placed its second order for 24 more. A third order of 24 Diablos is on tap now. “All it took was a demo to convince customers that the Diablos were a better device than their predecessor,” Lu reports.” The Diablos are typically used for higher‐end social events and corporate A/V. “Diablo has features not available in fixtures twice its size,” notes Lu. “It’s a ubiquitous toolkit for lighting designers.

It has great output, framing shutters, every effect and gobo you could need and is half the size and weight of most competitors. It really is the perfect light.”

Lu says the Diablos are “so well built, so robust that we haven’t had any service issues with the fixtures.They take the beatings that customers put them through and just keep performing.”


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