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ELP lights BBC Morning Live show with bright, tunable Elation KL Fresnel™

Many Brits begin their day with Morning Live, a topical live morning program on the BBC that has resonated with audiences since first airing in 2020. A consistent slot‐winner, the program, which airs on BBC One, moved to a new studio in the heart of Manchester earlier this year. ELP, a trading division of White Light, was asked to supply the lighting for the show at the new Versa ABC Studio and turned to Elation Professional’s KL Fresnel 8 FC PO™ LED fixture as a key component of the rig. One of the biggest challenges was dealing with an abundance of morning light that streams in through vast windows that line the background of the set. The lighting setup would need to not only counter this additional light but also be able to adapt to the ever‐changing weather conditions. Following a site visit, the lighting designers specified Elation’s KL Fresnel 8 FC PO™, a full‐ color and dynamic white LED Fresnel light that Darren and his team installed on a long‐term hire basis within the studio. “Because we’re combating the sunlight with the glass wall, we needed a fairly bright fixture,” Darren stated, adding that they often need all of the fixture’s 18,000 lumens of brightness. He says the fixtures, used for all the key lighting, back lighting, fill and general coverage, are utilized mostly for their color temperature white in varying degrees, mostly daylight.


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