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Defying the Challenges: A tailored LED Christmas Tree from HDC LED Display Asia

As the world gradually emerges from the shadows of the pandemic, Singapore stands at the forefront, ready to welcome the return of international tourists in 2023 with the Lion City gearing up for a tourism revival like never before. In the same year, HDC officially announced its expansion into Singapore as a regional arm of Hong Guang Display Corporation. Remarkably, within a mere two months of this joint venture, the company received an inquiry to construct a 12.6m tall LED structure for a festive feature in the southern island of Singapore.

The client, located in Sentosa, presented HDC with a set of requirements that proved to be both technically and time challenging. The primary challenge was to design and build a LED structure resembling a Christmas tree, measuring 5.8m (L), 5.8m (B), 12.6m (H) with supporting framework to withstand a structural load of 8.5 tonnes. Adding to the complexity, the tree had to endure outdoor weather conditions, particularly the uncertainties of the December climate and built using non‐ standard LED modules meaning the 60 days also included production of triangulation shaped modules.

Despite encountering distinctive challenges, HDC persevered and met the tight deadline, delivering the project under extremely tight dateline. Nearly a month was dedicated to engineering simulations, electrical reviews, video signals and power distribution mapping of the LED tree. The inclement weather and wind factors were also another critical subject topic for an island installation. Safety considerations were paramount, especially since this LED tree was destined for a public environment, adding an extra layer of stress to the team responsible for designing and implementing the LED Christmas tree.

In a span of 60 days, navigating through time constraints and various challenges, HDC successfully presented a Christmas tree‐shaped LED display that precisely adhered to the client's specifications.

This project utilizes 105 pieces of P5 LED cabinets, forming a captivating tree‐like structure covering 136.4m² with 10.6 million pixels illuminating the entire display. The intricately designed tree comprises of 9 layers with each side meticulously calculated to seamlessly fit on‐site.

The margin for errors was virtually non‐existent, emphasizing the precision required in crafting this visually stunning LED installation. A spokesperson at HDC believes that this is a pivoting point for them with an opportunity to prove itself to the delight of the customer.


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