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Chauvet opens new global headquarters

Chauvet’s new headquarters is over 175,000 square feet and houses dedicated, state of the art centers for its product development, quality control, customer service, and global supply chain teams.Company founder and CEO, Albert Chauvet is quick to point out that the move to a new, expanded, green‐thinking facility is about much more than having the size to handle a rapidly growing business that designs products for productions in over 100 nations globally.

Purpose designed by the Chauvet team and its architect partners, the new facility was built around the vision of enhancing the company’s delivery of service and customer engagement at every level and supporting R&D efforts behind its growing family of brands: CHAUVET Professional, CHAUVET DJ, Kino Flo, ChamSys, LynTec, Iluminarc and Trusst.

The new facility serves as the Global HQ for Chauvet, a global force with 10 subsidiary offices world‐wide in the US, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, and Singapore. Two of the three locations within the US, and one of the seven overseas are also dedicated to the company’s acquired ChamSys, Kino Flo and LynTec brands.

Product development has always driven the heart of Chauvet. So, it is not surprising that an extensive R&D center is a highlight of the company’s new headquarters. The new center features advanced measuring and testing equipment that will allow the Chauvet team of developers that has engineered multiple award‐winning products to take their efforts to new heights.

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In terms of expediting customer service, the new warehouse has been reimagined in terms of its state‐of‐the‐ art equipment and innovative processes. As a result, shipments can now be received and shipped with a level of speed and accuracy unrivaled in the entertainment lighting industry.

Chauvet has also enhanced its already high standards of product excellence and reliability with the expanded quality control center in its new building, which features advanced testing equipment. The company’s repair center has also been boosted with more space and technology.

While the service and repair centers will operate largely “behind the scenes,” what is certain to attract immediate attention among visitors is the new Flagship Experience Center, which will provide customers and guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest lighting and control technology. The thoughtfully designed centerprovides a comfortable setting for product demos, seminars, and hands‐on learning. Empowering product developers and enhancing customer education are not the sort of things that can be measured in concrete numbers, like the size of a warehouse. But at the new Chauvet headquarters, they will add up to a big difference for the company and its customers.


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