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Cameo showcases performers on The Voice Thailand

The Voice is the world’s most successful casting and music show. In Thailand, too, the format is enjoying enduring popularity. For the eighth season of The Voice of Thailand, the show’s lighting designers used Cameo spotlights for the first time. More than 180 moving lights, spotlights and LED bars were used in the studio and live shows in Bangkok. The lighting solutions were supplied by Cameo’s Thai distributor, L&E Lighting & Equipment PCL.

“Cameo is a relative newcomer to the Thai event technology market,” explains Arocha Kitti vittayakul, Product Manager at L&E. “We are therefore all the more pleased that those responsible – Pat Jareeyatana, Managing Director of EXIT365 Company Limited, the owner of The Voice All Stars Thailand licence, and the lighting designers Arthorn Luempetch and Junchay Baomaroeng – showed great interest in the spotlights and ultimately decided on Cameo as a brand.”

For lighting in the TV studio, the lighting designers used 48 OPUS H5 beam spot wash hybrid moving heads to effectively set the scene on stage from the background. Nine OPUS SP5 profile moving heads were aimed at the coaches, while 28 F2 FC and 16 Cameo F4 FC Fresnel spotlights were used as additional stage components for front and audience lighting. Furthermore, 18 PixBar 500 Pros were installed on the floor to showcase the characteristic.

The Voice hand figures. Meanwhile, 22 PixBar 650 C PRO LED bars at various markup points in the adjacent rooms provided atmospheric staging of interviews with the talented performers, family members and friends, and 42 wash lights from the Cameo ZENIT Series were also positioned in the interview, backstage and green room areas.

The challenge was to illuminate the different show areas in a uniform and camera‐friendly manner. As is customary with The Voice’s format, in addition to the musical performances and the jury talk in the large studio, the events in the interview and backstage areas also contribute to the overall impression of the experience. In accordance with TV specifications, the lighting components had to deliver the highest possible CRI value, as well as a camera‐friendly refresh rate with minimal noise level.

“The lighting designers have confirmed that with the Cameo spotlights, they are now able to present the artists’ performances and the scenery much more vividly than before. They are also enthusiastic about the spotlights’ functionality and flexibility, as they are now able to implement the light scenes in accordance with their creative ideas.” Arocha Kitti vittayakul, Product Manager L&E.


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